How it works

The Zone will support every child on the journey to realising their potential by first discovering what they want the ‘story’ of their life to be. This is as simple (and as complex) as having a ‘conversation’ with every child and young person and their families.

Through a series of conversations, the Zone and the child will co-design a ‘pathway’ to realise the story they want for their life. The Zone will walk with each child and young person on their pathway, and provide as much or as little ‘wraparound support’ as they need to achieve their desired outcomes.

That essential support will come from ‘the willing’ in agencies, organisations, groups – statutory, private, voluntary and community based.

The Zone is variously the framework, the space, the crucible within which this will all be developed and co-ordinated. For the community, the Zone will provide focus, coherence and alignment for programmes and initiatives, as it will for Government Departments, Agencies, Institutions and all relevant sectors.


The Greater Shankill Children & Young People Zone is ultimately responsible to the children, young people and families in the Greater Shankill area. It takes its authority from the area’s Community Convention and is responsible to the Agreed Agenda Group set up by the Convention. The Agreed Agenda Group comprises all the area’s elected representatives and key community constituencies.

A small team, drawn from existing programs, currently supports the Zone’s development.